Glamping in Pereira

Best 4 Glamping in Pereira

Glamping in Pereira has become a great attraction for those who want to spend one or more nights surrounded by cabins very well integrated with nature. Next, we will show you four glamping near the city of Pereira.

Map of glamping in Pereira

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Glamping Miramar

Glamping Miramar

Glamping Miramar is located approximately 30 minutes from Pereira and is the perfect place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

The place offers comfortable nights in a dome with a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. This glamping in Pereira stands out for its a la carte breakfast, jacuzzi with hydro-massage, terrace with furniture, and perfect integration with the environment.

Price per night at Glamping Miramar

The cost per night in this place starts at $495.000 COP and includes breakfast. You can make your reservation here.

Alúa Glamping

Alúa glamping

Among the most popular glamping in Pereira is Alúa glamping. It is located only 38 minutes away from the city and offers luxury accommodation with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

The glamping sites have a bed, private bathroom, living room, jacuzzi, and an outdoor area with a gas grill.

Overnight rates at Alúa Glamping

Prices start at $540.000 COP + extra charges per night for two people with breakfast included. You can make your reservation here.

Solana Glamping

Solana Glamping

Solana Glamping is a luxury camping located 24 minutes from Pereira. They offer a unique stay experience, which includes a dome glamping accommodation with one double bed, a private bathroom, indoor and outdoor furniture, and an outdoor jacuzzi.

This place is one of the glamping in Pereira with easier access. It is located a few meters from the main road leading from Pereira to Armenia.

Cost per night in Solana Glamping

From $450.000 COP + extra charges per night for two people with breakfast included. Learn more information and make your reservation here.

Naby Glamping

Naby glamping

Naby Glamping is the closest glamping to Pereira. It is just 23 minutes away and has a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

You can stay in a chalet-style cabin or a dome among its glamping services. Both include a double bed, terrace with BBQ grill, private bathroom, and jacuzzi.

You can find more information about this place on their Instagram @nabyglamping.

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